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Giving Back to The Ohio State University

A core principle of the Bay Area Buckeyes is to give back to the university that we all cherish and to support local students from the Bay Area that choose to attend Ohio State.  We accomplish this goal through the following four areas:



1. Endowment Fund

Between 2006 and 2011 the Bay Area Buckeyes have pledged to raise $25,000 dollars to go towards the creation of an Endowment Fund to support a local Bay Area student that wishes to attend Ohio State.  More information about the Endowment Fund can be found here:  Endowment Fund


2. Yearly Scholarship

Every year the Bay Area Buckeyes award a scholarship to a local student that is attending Ohio State.  If you are a local bay area student and wish to apply for the scholarship please contact our Student Recruitment Chair


3. Student Recruitment

The Bay Area Buckeyes actively participate in local College Fairs to expose high schools student to all it means to be a Buckeye.  If you wish to volunteer with student recruitment please contact our Student Recruitment Chair.


4. Student Sendoff Picnic

Every year we hold a picnic in a local park to sendoff local students that will be attending Ohio State.  Pictures of past student sendoff events can be found on our Photos Page.