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Buckeyes are back!

The official Ohio State Alumni Club of The San Francisco Bay Area is back in action!  Informally known as the Bay Area Buckeyes, the Alumni Club welcomes fellows Buckeyes who share a love for Ohio State.  Stay up to date on current happenings and opportunities to get involved through our official website:

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2017 Season Game Day Locations

Come cheer on our Buckeyes at one of these following
game day locations: 

San Francisco: 


Dr. Teeth in The Mission


Palo Alto & The Peninsula:

The Old Pro 

541 Ramona St

Palo Alto, CA

The East Bay: 


Buffalo Wild Wings in San Ramon CA




 About the Club


The Bay Area Buckeyes are a volunteer-run not-for-profit organization serving the friends, family, and alumni of the Ohio State University in the San Francisco Bay Area. Your $25 annual membership fee supports club programming and an annual scholarship for local students attending Ohio State. Whether you are interested in OSU sports, volunteering events, networking socials, or wine tours--The Bay Area Buckeyes strive to offer something for everyone. Look for our email updates or check the events calendar to learn about upcoming activities.


With over 400,000 OSU alumni around the world, it's not surprising that so many fellow Buckeyes have settled in the San Francisco Bay Area. We love to see new and familiar faces alike at our social, volunteer, and networking events! Click on the links below to obtain more information or contact a board member directly through our contact us page.  

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About Us 
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